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Call of Duty - Modern Warfare III

Sound Design & Implementation - Guns, Vehicles, Objects, Maps.

God of War - Ragnarok

Sound Design & Implementation - Impacts, Breakables & Interacts.

Ratchet and Clank - Rift Apart

Cinematic Sound Design, Foley Editing & Mixing.

MLB The Show '21 - In Game Content

Sound Design, Implementation, Cinematics, Foley, Dialogue, Mixing.

Horizon - Forbidden West

Cinematic Sound Design, Foley & Implementation.

Firewall Ultra, FPS in VR

Equipment & Foley, Sound Design & Implementation.

DICE RPG: Combat Sound Design, VO, UI, Integration.

Wizard101, Catacombs: Sound Design, MOBs, Mounts, Integration.

Gloom Busters: Sound Design, Composing, UI, VO, Integration.

War Goonz: Weapons, Powers, Environments, UI, VO, Integration.

Wizard101, Empyrea2: MOBs, Mounts, Cutscenes, Integration.

Monster Battle World: Creatures, Weapons, Powers, Integration.

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